About us

Our Mission

Toro Matcha is not just another drink company, we are a team of hustlers that wants to fuel you with good energy so you can achieve your ambitions. We are passionate about healthy lifestyle and believe in the power of Matcha as much as we believe in you. We want to share our passion with you, and that’s why we created Toro Matcha using only organic 'good for you' ingredients. We’re not just a better source of energy - we’re the  Matcha revolution.

Meet the squad

Oussama Saoudi-Hassani

Having founded a tech startup during his university years, Oussama is always on the lookout for great ideas. When not at the office, you'll find Oussama either delivering Toro Matcha, in the kitchen cooking up a fusion dish, or at the gym. Oussama always says, "A successful day begins with a quick workout and a Toro Matcha".

Ilaria Kolobova

Ilaria is the health nut of the company. She has always been dedicated to improve people's lives, and now she is able to do so through her true passion: healthy food (or beverage, in this case). On the weekends you'll find Ilaria cuddled up with a book and sipping on a bottle of Toro Matcha.

Our Story

The story of Toro Matcha began in Montreal in April 2017 when  Ilaria, a huge Matcha lover born in Japan, decided with Oussama, her fiance and business partner, to introduce the first ever Canadian ready-to-drink Matcha tea. The young couple built Toro Matcha from the ground up, and are on a mission to bring a better source of energy to the hustlers.