Focus your mind & Fuel your body

Japanese Matcha Tea is one of the most powerful natural source of antioxidants, liveliness and well-being. A bottle of our Toro Matcha contains nutrients that will energize your body, reduce stress and promote healthy living. Japanese Buddhist monks discovered Matcha’s extraordinary physical and mental benefits and made it part of their culture for a millennium.

Original with Ginger

The Oriental tones of Ginger complement the aromas of our Japanese Matcha perfectly . If you're into savory flavours, the Original Toro Matcha with Ginger is going to be your cup of tea.

Peach has such a delicate flavor that we knew would complement Matcha so well. The floral and sweet tones of peach lighten up Toro Matcha for a perfect match.

Lemon is nature's remedy for everything and adds a boost of energy to Toro Matcha. If you want a kick of productivity in the afternoon or a refreshing lemon taste on a hot day, this is for you.

The goodness of Matcha Tea in a glass bottle